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Local Means We Make Your Banking Our Business

From our local branches to the board room, First National Bank of Michigan thinks and acts locally to deliver neighborly financial services backed by local decision making.

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Banking That Fits Your Needs

The FNBM Difference Working for You

We believe in local leadership and local decision making.

We understand that direct access to your banker is important.

We know the importance of giving back to our community.

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FNBM in Action

First National Bank of Michigan Remains Well Capitalized and Well Positioned
Additional deposit insurance coverage is available through the Bank's CDARS® and ICS® Product Offerings
Is Using an App Safer Than Using a Browser for Banking Digitally?
Online and mobile banking makes moving money, paying bills, and managing your financial well-being easier and more convenient. It’s certainly not without its risks, however, especially when it comes to identity theft and fraud. Is there a safer way to access your information between your financial institution’s website or mobile app? That largely depends on you.