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Food Pantry provides greater choice and convenience.

September 2, 2022

Hundreds of supporters helped Community Action House scale up their ability to meet increased food needs by packing family food boxes from home as a part of the #stayhomefighthunger campaign. In 2020 the team worked with guests and community partners to create more culturally appropriate options for many Holland residents in need. Community Action House was able to choose to provide a basic box, a Latinx cuisine box, or an Asian cuisine box, which provide items that are more culturally relevant to their guests diets and households.

The pantry has also been providing grocery delivery for people in need. Seniors have relied on Community Action House volunteers to safely deliver their pantry food needs. For neighbors without reliable transportation, and especially for those sheltering in place due to health concerns, volunteers have made the difference by delivering an average of 653 meals of groceries every week.

First National Bank of Michigan was pleased to make a monetary donation to support the efforts of Community Action House in Holland.

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