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April 20, 2021

Located in Grand Rapids, Foxbright provides the education industry with engaging websites, an easy-to-use Content Management System and customized apps for notifications and messaging. Foxbright has been in business for over 20 years and has been providing web design and hosting services for the last 15 years to school organizations. The company has 6 full time highly qualified programmers, project managers and support staff and provides services to over 200 school districts and educational organizations.

“First National Bank of Michigan understands the value of a relationship,” stated Hannah Lawrence, President/Owner at Foxbright. “They are a true financial partner and have great customer service. I appreciate the nimbleness that a local bank can provide. Nick Conley is incredibly responsive and has always worked with Foxbright to find creative ways to support funding.”

Foxbright customers agree that their processes are thorough, seamless, simple, and efficient. They are responsive, professional and many have worked with them for over a decade. When faced with the challenges of 2020 they were pleased to be partnering with First National Bank of Michigan, a company with their same approach to business. According to Lawrence, “FNBM provided business acquisition financing and a working capital line of credit. They were responsive and had great communication through the PPP loan application and subsequent forgiveness process.”

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Hannah Lawrence, Foxbright's Owner