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Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy

September 16, 2021

Started in 1991, Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy works across nine counties in Southwest Michigan to protect more than 17,000 acres of dunes, wetlands, forests, savannas, prairies, farms, and vineyards that give our region its distinct characteristics.

When it comes to working with First National Bank of Michigan, Nicole Speedy, Operations Director at SWMLC said, “The staff at FNBM are always responsive when we reach out, they take the time to ask questions to really understand our goals. As an organization focused on protecting local resources, we enjoy being able to work with a locally-focused banking partner. We rest easy knowing our banker, Joe Ludy, understands our organization.”

During 2020, when businesses were struggling to get their PPP loans approved for months, FNBM Branch Manager, Joe Ludy, exceeded expectations explains Speedy, “Joe and the rest of the FNBM team went above and beyond for SWMLC. Joe helped us quickly and successfully navigate the complicated PPP Loan program, eventually seeing us through to loan forgiveness. He and his team also helped us convert to online banking as much as possible online wire transfers, access verification, and managing ICS accounts so that we could stay safe and still keep meeting the needs of our organization.”

Photo of Portman Nature Reserve for SW Michigan Land Conservancy

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