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Summit Laboratory

April 1, 2022

Summit Laboratory makes sure the food we eat does not give us “food poisoning”. For over twenty years Summit Laboratory has provided microbiological testing for food manufacturers. Summit tests the food they manufacture, the equipment used to produce the food and the production facility for foodborne illness pathogens such as Listeria spp, Salmonella spp. and E. coli. As an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and experts at finding pathogen reservoirs, they help food manufacturers maintain a pathogen-controlled environment to produce food in accordance with standards and regulations that govern the food production industry.

“First National Bank of Michigan understands my business and me”, stated Summit Laboratory President, Thomas Krueger. “I believe it is important to work with a bank that knows my business, a bank that takes the time to understand what challenges we face and helps me negotiate through both good and bad economic times.”

Summit strives for excellence everyday and appreciates the same from the businesses they choose to partner with. They pride themselves on the relationships they establish and grow with their customers. “FNBM employees have proven to be courteous and professional while providing excellent customer service with a personal touch, especially during the instability of the past fourteen months”, said Krueger. “It is reassuring to know that I can call FNBM and talk with any one of a half dozen people I am on a first -name basis with to answer questions, prepare documents, manage finances, and provide many other services I rely on. It’s that personal touch and reliability that separates FNBM from other banks in town.”

Making changes in your business, especially about finances, is always a big decision. Krueger recalls, “About five years ago I switched from one of the big banks in town and I have never regretted the decision. I would recommend FNBM and my banker, David Kistler because they have managed everything from mortgages and investments to routine deposits and withdraws. Regardless of who I am working with at the bank I receive excellent customer service. I recommend using a bank you can easily communicate with and for me, that is FNBM.”

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